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Some years ago Hermann took part at the ESO astronomy on-line project where he had his first contact with Linux (Kernel 1.2.13). Steff then discovered a Slackware Linux with the brandnew kernel 2.0.0. The installation of this system was quite difficult for a newbie, but somehow the first Linux worked some weeks later. The big thing started when Cpt. Okona from starfleet headquarters Munich gave us a SuSE distribution which we installed on some peoples' PCs. And those people loved Linux and help other newbies with their installation ... "and then it just snowballed!"

Now we have the idea to found a Linux Club! In this Club we plan to use the membership taxes for our Parties and to copy CDs of the new distributions. Our club is still in the alpha phase...

So new ideas for the Club are very welcome!!!

Last updated on 24. Jul. 2000.
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