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The next Linux parties and meetings...

The last Linux - Party was on Jan. 5nd and 6rd march 1999. Pictures are on the Party-Page... dont forget to give your comment! --> go here to comment NOW!


the next party will be at 03.03/04.03. 2000---> just go here to join !!!


bnro-room (Schulungsraum des Bürgernetzvereins Rosenheim e.V. in der Stollschule (Hl.-Geist-Str. Rosenheim am Busbahnhof) --> Hier ist eine Karte von Rosenheim und eine genaue Umgebungskarte .

How 2 apply 4 it?

Just go here!
If u wanna know what's goin' on there, just check out /home/parties/!! Have fun!

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