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4 da w0rSt page on da WEB

#1 = Herzlich Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Karl Fritsch!


  • ANIMATED Gifs everywhere!
  • Psychodelic colors
  • Language: German. And the great hint: "If you would like to read my homepage in English, translates by AltaVista. Please look next side!"
  • Requirements: 1280 x 1024 True Color (24 Bit) Soundkarte Microsoft Front Page Express, BUT at least no frames ;-)
  • The German flag on his page: 'nuff said
  • The animated gif saying: "Suche Arbeit, search work" *rlotf*
  • ... and many more fantastic features ... A MUST-SEE !!!

    #2 = Mathe mit Proko


  • filename: mypage.htm = typical M$-filename
  • language: German = *argh* www means WORLD wide web
  • content: no comment
  • images and buttons: highres pictures scaled with HTML tags and not physically = wastes web space and makes the page slooooooow...
  • "back"-buttons every 2 inches on the right side of the page = very important feature to show that the HTML-'programmer' understands the "a name=" tag! ;-)
  • 95% of all pictures were stolen from other websites = how creative !!!
    Do YOU know a really bad page on the web which could be a candidate for the kernelpanic aWaRd ??? Submit your proposal below !!! :-)


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