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FVWM2 with kfm (KDE file manager) and Netscape. The configuration of the FVWM2 window manager is done by editing the ~/.fvwm2rc file and allows a lot of nice looking features like gradient bars and integration of programs (like xload, coolmail or xeyes) into the FVWM2 button bar.
FVWM2, wine running solitaire and DOSEMU running "Prince of Persia", this demonstrates that you can run programs from other operating systems under Linux.
WindowMaker, XEmacs, rxvt and MIR-Theme. Windowmaker is very similar to Afterstep and shows up with a lot of cool themes.
icewm, aterm, xisdnload and D1X, Descent for Linux. Icewm provides a taskbar, several mice themes and needs only a minimum of system resources.
KDE, kvirc (a IRC client), x11amp (a mp3-player similar to winamp and Netscape

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